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The College English Test (Chinese: 大学四六级英语考试/大学公共英语考试), better known as CET, is a national English as a foreign language test in the People's Republic of China.

If you just want to take a look at the words without downloading anything, you can level 3 examples highlight the usage of a single point, surrounding the word 

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HSK Level 1. Download the HSK Level 1 Vocabulary List PDF HSK Level 3. Download the HSK Level 3 Vocabulary List PDF  6 Nov 2016 HSK 3 one-stop course: https://www.digmandarin.com/hsk-3-one-stop-course Access the PDF of HSK 3 vocabulary list here:  HSK Level-3 Vocab and Sentences - download chinese resource (word, pdf, Requisite words and example sentences for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Level-3. 2018年5月7日 The complete HSK vocabulary list needed to pass the level three test. Excel format; PDF format; Full list from HSK 1-3; Free download  2019年5月5日 HSK 3 Vocabulary List; Downloadable HSK 3 Vocab List + Quiz Sheets This level of the Chinese Proficiency Test is the first to include a writing part. You can find and download the full list at the bottom of this article.

HSK 5 Group B vocab list - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. HSK 5 Group B vocabulary list Are you looking for a highly effective way to learn Chinese language? Download these HSK educational learning materials and start to learn Mandarin Chinese language immediately! Hsk 3 Words With Sentences - HSK Level 3 Vocabulary - HSK Test, Intermediate Chinese: HSK 3 Chinese Vocabulary & Sentences – Full HSK 3 Word List & Lessons, HSK 3 Vocabulary List (300 words in 20 min), HSK3 vocabulary listening practice… Hsk tagıyla alakalı sonuçları VideoBring aracılığıyla görüntüleyin. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.

Preparing HSK level 3 test? Check out this handy, complete 600-word vocabulary list for HSK level 3. HSK Level 3 download vocabulary list. ALL ABOUT HSK 4 Jan 2017 HSK vocabulary list Level 1 -L6 character : Pinyin and English- www.digmandarin.com Grammar list -Hanban PDF Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0, Download HSK-3-Vocabulary-List.pdf. 1, http://lingomi.com, (This HSK Level 5 list was produced by Lingomi. 279, 277, 3-66, 词语, ci2 yu3, word (general term including monosyllables through to short 1959, 1955, 5-1955, 下载, xia4 zai3, to download; also pr. xia4 zai4. Including all 300 HSK 3 vocabularies with Pinyin and translation! Questions 71-75: In each point you get a list of several words and need to Simply download the application to your computer or download their app to your Our HSK 1-6 Full Vocabulary Guide contains all 5000 HSK vocabularies grouped by level but  15 Jul 2015 Here is the vocabulary list for HSK level 2. These vocabularies are required to take HSK level 2. I attached the meaning of each word beside  Hi, everyone, welcome to join our Chinese for HSK Level 3 There is a lot of new vocabulary, about to new words per lesson. many spelling mistakes in both pinyin and English, among some incorrect vocabulary pdf files too. Be sure to download and preview the "Dialogue and Vocabulary" .pdfs before watching the  New HSK: Complete Vocabulary Lists: Word lists for HSK levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This essential Dictionary presents each HSK word list from level 1 to 6, plus the 5000 

Hsk tagıyla alakalı sonuçları VideoBring aracılığıyla görüntüleyin.

We have 3 levels: beginners, lower intermediates and upper intermediates. Basic Chinese Vocabulary 10 - 40 Additional Words HSK 3 Vocabulary with New HSK Level 2 Vocabulary (Chinese-English). 序号. No. 词. Word. 拼音. Pinyin 3. 【爸爸】 bàba n. father; dad; daddy. 我~是医生。 4. 【杯子】 bēizi n. cup; glass words. 我是一~学生。 33. 【工作】 gōngzuò n. job; work. 我很喜欢现在的~。 v. 4 Jan 2011 HSK 3 (Intermediate) Vocabulary List You can download the official HSK vocabulary list from here. Awesome flashcard maker. This might look a bit technical, but you can choose the level you are studying and make  If you just want to take a look at the words without downloading anything, you can level 3 examples highlight the usage of a single point, surrounding the word  Scroll to the bottom for PDFs, latest tests, vocabulary lists and pretty much is about vocabulary lists with pinyin, here is the best list I have found: this PDF file  The PDFs are posters with the list of HSK words, for levels 1,2,3,4. Find here DOWNLOAD The HSK123 word list: it contains the list of HSK level 1,2,3 words. 2014年8月22日 ALL THE VOCABULARY LIST FOR HSK 6 TEST by erimba in Types > School Work, test, Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd.

24 Dec 2016 The HSK is administered by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, or. Hanban, the As with HSK Level 1, all characters are provided with pinyin. Level 3. Intermediate to download; also pr. xia4 zai4. 5 鲜艳.

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